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Welcome to The Zocalo, primarily the download point for The Babylon 5 Hypertext Reference, a WinHelp file that contains a complete reference to the names, places and terminology of the Babylon 5 universe. In addition, however, you will find a several pages of links to other Babylon 5 sites and a UK orientated guide to Babylon 5 events and products that are available. This is under continuous revision, so be sure to re-check areas of interest occasionally to see if there are any updates.


It's a sad time for the Babylon 5 universe, as hot on the heels of the loss of Richard Biggs comes the news that Tim Choate who played both Zathras and his brother, Zathras, was killed in a motorcycle accident while on his way to a play rehersal. Tim was 49, and he leaves behind a wife, Madalyne, and a four year old son, Flynn.

Richard Biggs, who played Dr. Stephen Franklin on Babylon 5, has passed away aged 44 from what appears to be a massive stroke or aneurysm although details are still sketchy. In addition to his role on Babylon 5, Richard Biggs also appeared on "ER", "NYPD Blue", the CBS show "Guiding Light" and the soap "Days of Our Lives", for which he won a Soap Opera Digest award for best supporting actor. He leaves behind a wife and two sons.

SETI@Home logoOK, it's nothing to do with Babylon 5, but if you are reading this then you are a SciFi fan with an Internet connection, so this is probably of interest. SETI (The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) have produced a screen saver that will download data collected by the Arecibo Radio Observatory and process it on your computer while it is idle, it only requires a MB or so every few days, so why not give it a try - who knows... you may just get lucky and find the Centauri! IBM PC, Apple Macintosh and numerous UNIX flavours are supported, so you have no excuse (and it's only a few 100k). To find out more about the program, or SETI in general, visit the SETI@Home web site.

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